Ashley Hess

Ashley Hess

Most people move to California to chase their dreams of becoming a professional musician but for Ashley Hess, it was moving away from the golden state that allowed her to find her voice. 

Six years ago she made her way to Utah. Believing dental hygiene was her future. What she didn’t know was that the thriving music scene of Provo, Utah had different plans for her. Embracing her new environment, she developed a life-altering appreciation for the passionate people that surrounded her. This appreciation quickly turned into a new dream, one that she had never thought possible. Hess will tell you that seeing people pursuing something she had such a deep-rooted love for inspired her to take a shot. With her bright, heartfelt voice and infectiously goofy personality, she enamored the YouTube audience with her unique and thoughtful cover videos. Gaining momentum, she dug deeper into her Pop R&B soul and captured the attention of national acts such as Andy Grammer, Us the Duo, T-Pain and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons – taking the stage as their opening act. Her love of music, unique translations, and her gravitating personality are not only present but amplified when she is on stage. Hess has an incredible ability to connect with her audience. 

“A lot of things make me happy, but there is no better feeling than going through the process of creating a song, performing that song, and connecting with the people in the audience through something I created. Those are the moments I live for. Getting out there, playing my music for people and creating that connection – opportunities to be heard and felt – that’s always the goal.” says Hess.

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