Jim Daneker

Jim Daneker

His work will be familiar to most even if you’ve not heard his name. As the musical director and keyboard player for Michael W. Smith, Daneker can already boast a significant platform for his talents, but his work as a composer and arranger is also very impressive. Most recently, Daneker has carved out the time to compose and release AD ALTA (buy), a project twenty years in the making. The beautiful instrumental album plays like the score to an unseen dramatic film that evokes a wide range of emotions. From the somber tones of “Letting Go” to the rapturous movement of “To The Summit,” Daneker’s vision is splendidly realized with an emotional scope that syncs well with all rhythms of life. 

Jim is currently producing Paul Cardall's upcoming 2018 Christmas album.

Learn more at www.jimdaneker.com

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